Queensland’s leading Sport Aerobics club

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!

Since opening in 2001, Industrie 1 Sport Aerobics has established itself as one of Australia’s leading sport aerobics clubs.

Our love of sport aerobics began in 1995 in our own school sport aerobics teams! We have not looked back, and it’s our mission to keep giving other aspiring athletes the opportunity to experience this exciting and dynamic sport in a supportive club environment.

Alongside our club programs, Industrie 1 also provides sport aerobics and fitness programs for schools; whether it be before, during or after school, we can supply experienced & professional sport aerobics instructors for all age groups.

Our professionally equipped studios are located at 5 Veronica Street, Capalaba Brisbane.

Studio Based Programs

We are all about having fun, challenging yourself and doing what you love! With varying levels of competition and recreational programs available, Industrie 1 Sport Aerobics welcomes everyone to come and experience this great sport.

School Based Programs


Sport aerobics is a unique sport that adds value to a school’s sport and extra-curricular program. Not only is it suitable for boys and girls of all year levels, but it is enjoyable for students at all fitness and ability levels too. Sport aerobics requires little-to-no equipment and thrives on bringing school students together with their peers to participate in an activity that is both active and exciting” (FISAF Australia, 2020).


  • Halle McLachlan (Mini Athlete)

    “I love Industrie 1 because everyone is so supportive of the athletes and they make sure everyone is ready before a competition. Another reason I love Industrie 1 is that not at any time has a coach doubted an athlete or given up on us, they always believe we can do it. Also, the studio is a place where you can make friends and learn lots of new things. Industrie 1 is a family of athletes that strive to do their best no matter what comes across the path and that’s why I love Industrie 1.”

  • Kirsten Burns (Adult Athlete)

    “I first started at Industrie 1 back in 2013 where I created amazing friendships and memories during the year with the athletes and coaches. I recently returned to the club last year and it honestly felt like I hadn’t even left! Everyone welcomed me back with open arms and I was so excited to be back in the studio. All the athletes are given so much support from each other and the coaches it’s unbelievable. The coaches at Industrie 1 stop at nothing for their athletes to ensure we are the best we can be and we all love them so much! I have loved competing in aerobics since I was 9 and I couldn’t imagine a better place to train for the sport I love so much! Can’t wait to bring it on stage with my INDUSTRIE 1 fam in 2021!!”

  • Sarah Kozlowski (Cadet Athlete)

    “When I arrived at my first INDUSTRIE 1 training session I have never felt so nervous but intrigued to do my best and set high standards for myself. When competing at my first competition for INDUSTRIE 1 I had never felt so nervous to go on stage. The cheering and sportsmanship of my fellow teammates has led me to find a sport, a home where I can express myself and my determination. After 4 years of competing with INDUSTRIE 1 and FISAF I continue to gain confidence and passion for this sport. Penny and the team have welcomed me with warm arms to the team and made me feel like I have found home.”

  • Maddy Calvert (Adult Athlete)

    “Industrie 1 has been a 2nd home for me since 2006. I love the people involved in the sport, new and old. Training at INDUSTRIE 1 brings so much joy to my week, as does the INDUSTRIE 1 community at competitions throughout the year, I can’t wait for 2021”

  • Caitlin Pareezer (Junior Athlete)

    “I’ve only been a part of Industrie 1 since 2018, but it’s been my family ever since the first day I walked in. I love it at Industrie 1 because of all the amazing girls, boys and coaches, they are all amazing and supportive and become your family very fast! I’m very proud to say that I am the Junior Captain of INDUSTRIE 1 and that I love it there! Everyone supports you no matter what, your best day or your worst day, everyone will be there for you! Industrie 1 is truly like a big, amazing family and I know it will always be a big part of my life forever!”

  • Baylee C (Junior Athlete)

    “Industrie 1 has given me the most amazing opportunities as well as being my second family since I started there 2 years ago. The coaches have pushed me past what I thought I could achieve and have never stopped believing in me. I’ve made amazing friendships with teammates and fellow athletes, who have all helped give me the confidence to do something I didn’t think I could. Everyone is so welcoming and gives each person a sense of belonging. I’ve never made a better decision than starting aerobics there. ”

  • Bailee Maher (Mini Athlete)

    “Industrie1 is the best and I have made so many great friends. All the older kids always help me and look out for me. It’s always so fun and I’ve learnt so much from the coaches and other athletes. I’ve also grown so much in confidence and love being on stage now. I love my Industrie1 family and sports aerobics. ”

  • Bella Van Wijk (Adult Athlete)

    “Three years ago, I moved to Industrie 1 and I have never felt so wholesome. All the athletes were so welcoming from day dot and made me feel I belonged. I have created so many life long memories and friendships with so many fellow athletes I know I will keep and cherish forever. From not believing in myself to representing Australia, this club has made my dream a reality – twice. The club has never stopped believing in my skills and me as a person, always pushing me to my limits and always there to pick me back up when I fall. Everyone is so supportive and makes me feel confident when I hit the stage floor.”

  • Stella & Chloe Morrison (Cadet and Mini Athlete)

    “We’ve been at INDUSTRIE 1 for just about 2 and half years now and since the day we first set foot in the studio we have never regretted our decision. The friendships we’ve created are out of this world and all the coaches have pushed us to do the things we had never seen ourselves doing. Industrie 1 has become our second and family and we cannot wait for 2021! ”

  • Summer Rodgers (Cadet Athlete)

    “I can’t even remember the first time I walked into the studio it was that long ago. I just remember the first time I did my routine in front of everyone and was really scared but as I went on everyone was cheering me on and being so supportive and still continue to. Industrie 1 has been a part of me for so long, and couldn’t image a world without it. Every day is amazing and you can feel the happiness in the air when you walk through the door. Everyone there has a sense of humour and always makes you laugh and smile. They are always there when you feel down.”

  • Poppy Thorne (Cadet Athlete)

    “What an awesome time I have had training with INDUSTRIE 1 this year! I have made lots of new friends with the other kids in my routines and we have so much fun and laughter together. I have learnt lots of new skills that I didn’t think I would be able to do and have improved in aerobics. My coaches have encouraged me to be the best I can be and I know they want me to do well. I love training at INDUSTRIE 1 and can’t wait for next year. Ps I also love Bruce’s canteen.”

  • Haylee Macmillan (Cadet Athlete)

    “When I first walked into Industrie 1 in 2014 I felt like I was home. My wonderful coaches Penny and Lucy greeted me with warm arms. I love to dance and aerobics is fast paced and fun. I love everyone and the support I get from all my friends and coaches. I love meeting new friends at competitions from other clubs and seeing everyone trying their hardest and supporting everyone.”

  • Zoey Reimer (Cadet Athlete)

    I really love training with everyone. The coaches are encouraging and always push me to be the best athlete I can. They know what I am capable of even when I don’t. I enjoy being at competitions and supporting my club mates and I love being on stage and hearing them cheer for me. I really enjoy meeting and becoming friends with athletes from other clubs. Everyone is just so nice. Industrie 1 is a great club and I can’t wait for 2021!”